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Hi-Spy Viewing Machines … Enhancing Your View Since 1991

Hi Spy Viewing Machines … Enhancing Your View Since 1991

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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Dual Viewers

dual viewers

This specialty model provides two viewing heads off of one post-one at standard height and one at wheelchair (ADA) height. A graceful swept arm holds the ADA viewing head separately and at the correct height. The viewers can be the same heads or different-any combination is possible. Also available with a swivel step option. With the option to have different viewer heads featured for the dual viewer, the choice is yours to have two of the same head or you can choose to have two different magnification options. For example:
  • swivel step 2Optional Swivel StepTwo 10X Heads
  • Two 20X heads
  • A Binocular & Telescope head
  • and many other combination
For optics specifications, please look at the specifications for the Non-Coin Viewer head that you are interested in.


Model Features

  • Magnification: Please refer to the Non-Coin viewer head you are interested
  • Style: Dual
  • Coin Acceptance: Non - Coin
OPTICS (Waterproof Optics)
Magnification  Please refer to the Non-Coin viewer head you are interested
Standard Machine Height  5 ft 2 in
Eyepiece Height  5 ft 0 in
Machine Weight  140 lbs
Maintube Diameter  6 inches
Wheelchair (ADA) head height  47.0 inches
Wheelchair (ADA) eyepiece height  45.0 inches
Height of Wheelchair (ADA) Arm  29.0 inches
Orientation of Arm From the perspective of the person standing using the upright viewer wheelchair (ADA) head is to their right. You can ask for the arm for the ADA viewing head to come off to the left BUT you must do so at time of order.
Viewing Head  Painted aluminum
Viewing Head Support Arms  Aluminum
Main Tube  Powdercoated aluminum 0.1875 inch wall thickness
Horizontal Movement  Tapered roller bearing system – 360 degrees (can be modified on request)
Vertical Movement  Bronze bearing on aluminum trunnion – +/- 30 degrees
Viewing Head Security  Pop lock over security bolt
Colors  Standard color is textured black with aluminum head. Sierra tan, moss green, blue, green and red are also available. - On request, we can discuss other colors
Swivel Step Option Available Yes
Warranty  5 years on all parts


Dual Viewer Video Brochure