Product Information

We Make The World’s Best Viewers. Period.

At Hi-Spy we make both binoculars (two eye-pieces) and telescopes (one eye-piece), in several magnifications. We make both coin and non-coin models of each. Additionally we also make wheelchair accessible (ADA) versions in all versions, and in both coin and non-coin. The Dual model has two viewers on one post, one of those viewers at wheel-chair height.

On the Dual model you can mix and match any of the viewing heads, and while most Duals are non-coin, we can and do make coin versions on request.

When trying to decide on a model keep in mind a very important rule of physics that applies to all viewers –

“The more you increase the magnification the more you narrow the field of view”

Our coin models all use a shutter that is operated by a control board running on four AA batteries, and for a very a good reason – It allows us to contain the money in the tube where it is safest.

Mechanical shutters need to contain the coin in the viewing head. Not only does it then take longer to empty the coins but villains have learned that they can easily “just steal the head” and get at the coins later