Product Colours / Base Options

Special Requests and Customer Viewers

Hi-Spy responds to customer needs and provides various options to satisfy different requirements.

Contact us for special requests and custom viewer orders by email.

Standard Color Options

Hi-Spy is pleased to offer a range of colour choices, each in our durable textured surface.

Choose from Black, Green, Red, Blue, Sierra Tan and Moss Green.

Specialty colours available on request


Hi-Spy viewing heads subjected to salt spray testing in 2009 performed excellently.

After 1500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure the units met all ASTM D 610, ASTM D 714 and ASTM D 1654 standards.


Base Options

There are two base options for all models including the wheelchair accessible machines. The options are:

  1. Our Standard Base is a contoured 28″ Steel Base with standing ring
  2. Flat Aluminium Baseplate (12″ diameter, but can be smaller diameter on request)

Note: Regardless of base options, all machines (except wheelchair ADA models) are made to be 5′ 0″ at the eyepieces