Our Technology

At Hi-Spy Viewing Machines our technological developments are guided by four principles:


Every design must be robust and durable and engineered to be long-lasting outdoors in all environments.


Every design must take potential vandalism into consideration and every effort must be made to make it difficult for vandals to access or thwart the mechanisms.


The overall design must be aesthetically pleasing. No change can be made that does not consider the overall “look”.


We don’t rest our laurels. We have a proven record of innovation. Since we operate hundreds of our machines for our own account, what we learn in the field goes into improvements

Our reciprocating focus is just one good example. Vandals like to pull off or break off parts that they can get a grip on and then apply excess force. This new focus is never-ending. No end point – no grip – they can’t break it off. When our focus travels to infinity and you keep turning, it simply travels back to close focus and so on and so on.

Our new “garage-door” shutter is another example. We bench-tested it to 70,000 open/close cycles without a hitch.

Another example is our new hub and spindle controlling vertical movement. It is from the trucking industry and is built to withstand 2000lb/in. at 60 mph. That means it is overbuilt by a factor of hundreds and that means no problems for you.

Yet another example is our “bronze bearing on aluminum trunnion” used for horizontal movement of the viewing head. It includes a rubber 0-ring which dampens the movement and ensure it is always smooth and easy for the customer