“EnChroma Color Blind Lenses available for all models”


Where space is restricted this allows you to anchor the machine tight to the wall and still have a partial standing ring. 

Only available on standard machines. Half-base must be anchored. 
Add $200.00


Product Colours

View more colour options

Vinyl Cover

Fully covers the top portion of the machine. Waterproof.
Velcro straps. Add $129.95. Not available for the Dual model.

Please note that vinyl covers with closures are now available for all standard viewers for US$159.95.

Donation Tube

You can add a donation slot and “Thank You for Your Donations” to any model except Dual and Vista. 

Has internal coin bag to collect donations and locked coin door for access to donations.



Flat-Plate Base

A smaller footprint – only 16.0” diameter instead of the 28.0” diameter on the standard contoured base with standing ring.

Flat-plate must be anchored. No standing ring for the flat-plate base.
Deduct $200.00


Pentax Upgrade

20X60 Pentax brand binocular optics as an upgrade available on binocular units.


Custom height tubes

We can make tubes on standard units, such as our model 20XNC, up to 8.0” shorter and up to 4.0” taller.

If shorter no price increase.

If taller add $200.00


We can custom – make short units to affix to wall tops or railings.

Prices will depend on extent of customization.



A polished aluminum compass ring is available to affix just below rotating portion of top (the “helmet”).

It comes with a matching pointer on the helmet. Each “compass has a clearly marked N/S/E/W/ and two gradation marks between main readings.

Customer then can make a plaque or sign specific to their site to indicate points of interest in the view. Compass ring can be set by you to “your” North.
Add $700.00


Filler Plate

On machines with a standing ring you can purchase a filler plate to fill gap between main tube and outer standing ring.
Add $300.00


Brass Plaques

We make brass plaques to affix to the main tube for memorial or sponsorship purposes. Typically 5”x4”.

Number of letters depends on size of font. We produce a draft for you to approve first.
Add $125.00



The swing step is literally a portion of the standing ring that can be moved out of the way if need be. Available on standard machines and Dual models.

On Dual it allows the step to be moved when a wheelchair is using the machine.
Add $850.00