Non-Coin Operated Viewers

Non-Coin Operated Viewers Models

Hi-Spy makes non coin-operated binoculars and telescopes in both a standard model and an ADA (Wheelchair Accessible) model.

We also make non coin-operated specialty models. Once you decide on a non-coin model, you simply need to choose between magnifications of: 10X vs. 20X vs. 35X

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Module Style Magnification
Non-Coin 10x Binocular Viewer Binocular 10x (Waterproof Optics)
Non-Coin 20x Binocular Viewer Binocular 20x (Waterproof Optics)
Non-Coin 20x Telescope Viewer Telescope 20x (Waterproof Optics)
Non-Coin 35x Telescope Viewer Telescope 35x (Waterproof Optics)