Memorial Plaques / Custom Work / Sign Template

Memorial / Sponsored Viewer

Includes a beautiful brass memorial plaque which can be used to honor someone or an important event, or a sponsoring entity.

Donation Viewer

Includes a beautiful brass donation slot and coin bag in place of the coin slot.

Custom Height Viewer

Our popular models in this group are viewers specifically designed to accommodate children.


Wall-Mounted Viewer

Custom wall-mounted units for special applications



Brass plaques suitable for outdoor use are available for our machines. The standard plaque is 4 inches high and 5 inches wide. Prices are available on request.

Types of Plaques:

  • Sponsorship Plaque
  • Memorial Brass Plaque

Template for Customized Sign Instructions for Viewers

Now you can have Hi-Spy make your metal instruction signs in your own language. Simply download our standard English instruction sign and then revise it to your language and email it to us in the same format.

We will then make as many signs as you wish. All signs will be aluminum with silver letters in a black background. They are ideal for outside use. They are sized to fit our standard sign frame and one frame comes with each unit.

Click here for standard English sign template In order to customize this template.

You will require one of the following Document Editing software’s:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Ink Scape
  • Coral Draw

Custom Work

At Hi-Spy we are happy to carry out custom work. In the past we have made numerous customized mounting brackets for wall-mounted and rail-mounted viewers and we have made numerous custom height machines – both shorter and taller.

Please email us with your request and we can discuss your custom request.