Coin Mechanical 10X & 20X Binocular Viewer

Model Features

  • Magnification: 10x  /  20x
  • Style: Binoculars
  • Coin Acceptance: Mechanical
OPTICS (Waterproof Optics) 
Magnification  10x | 20x
Field of View  400 feet at 1000 yds | 120 feet at 1000 yds
Focus  Manual
Objective Diameter  50 mm | 60 mm
Exit Pupil Aperture  5 mm | 3 mm
Interpupillary Distance  2.5 inches
Long Eye Relief  Yes
Machine Height  5ft. 2 in
Eyepiece Height  5ft 0 in
Machine Weight  120 lbs.
Standing Ring Height  12 inches
Maintube Diameter  6 inches
Base Diameter  28 inches
Base Options  Yes – we can provide custom Aluminum plate bases for certain applications
Viewing Head  Painted Aluminum
Viewing Head Support Arms  Aluminum
Main Tube  Powdercoated aluminum 0.1875 inch wall thickness
Base  Powedercoated aluminum
Standing Ring  Cast aluminum
Standing Ring Height  12 inches
Horizontal Movement  Tapered roller bearing system – 285 degrees (can be modified on request)
Vertical Movement  Bronze bearing on aluminum trunnion – +/- 30 degrees
Coin Door Security  Keset door lock over security bolt
Viewing Head Security  Pop lock over security bolt
Mechanical Crank Coin Acceptor  Domestic and foreign coin acceptors available
Coin Capacity  2,000 US quarters
Audit  Digital
Timing Mechanism Type  Circuit Board timing mechanism
Standard Time Duration  1 min 30 secs
Vary Time Setting Yes – from 1 min to 3 min
Battery Type  4 AA cells to operate coin acceptor, meter and shutter
Swivel Set Option Available Yes
Colors  Standard color is textured black with aluminum head. Sierra tan, moss green, blue, green and red are also available. - On request, we can discuss other colors
Sign Sign frame holes are pre-drilled and a stainless steel sign frame comes with each unit