Care & Maintenance

Congratulations on the acquisition of your Hi-Spy Viewing machines! Your coin operated and non-coin operated viewing machine is built to last many years with a minimum of maintenance required.

However, there are a few care and maintenance items listed below that should be performed periodically in order to maximize the uptime and service life of your machine

All Machines (Coin & Non-Coin)

Remove head lock and door lock and spray with WD-40 lubricant or equivalent every 6 months. (1 month in harsh or salt environments).

Note: do not use a grease based lubricant on door lock. When lubricating, work the key in the lock several times.

Check all bolts, tighten and adjust as necessary.


Clean binocular or telescope eyepiece lenses with soft dry cloth only. The surfaces of the lenses are coated and can be easily damaged.

Clean large outer lenses of head with soft cloth and water. Do not use harsh detergents as this can make them permanently foggy.

Note: if moving machine from a cool location to a warmer location the lenses may get temporarily foggy on the outside of the lenses (even with waterproof optics). This is just condensation on the outside of the lenses and will clear itself as temperatures equalize.

Apply anti-seize lubricant on door bolt on the inside of door annually.If removing the viewer or step ring from the base of the machine for any reason, apply anti-seize lubricant to threads before re-assembly.

DO NOT use WD-40 on viewing head bearings for up and down movement. These are greased and WD-40 or equivalent will wash away the grease that already exists.

For older units with a highly polished aluminum head use an aluminum polish (from hardware store) at regular intervals to keep lustre.

If required, use touch-up paint (automotive is best) to cover any nicks or scratches on powder-coated surfaces.

Coin Operated Machines Only

Both head locks and coin door locks should be lubricated every six months. When lubricating, work the lock with the key several times.

SALT AIR environments require lubrication of both head locks and coin door locks once a month.

Lubricate locks with WD-40 or a similar lubricating product.

Care of Viewing Head

For older units with uncoated aluminum viewing heads, these are polished to a smooth, bright finish when new, but the finish may dull over time.

You may polish it with an aluminum polish to bring back the bright finish it had when it was new. (Mother’s brand is great). Be sure to use a non-abrasive cloth when washing or polishing the aluminum head.

Painted aluminum heads do not need polishing, but we recommend that scratches be painted over with touch-up paint if they appear. Lenses should be cleaned only with soapy water.

Some commercial products contain ammonia which can dull the plastic lenses on the older 10X units (20X units, new 10X units and all telescopes have glass lenses). If storing the machine for the winter, or otherwise, disconnect and remove battery.

Hex Keys & Lock Keys for Viewing Machines

Coin units each of come with:

  • Coin door key to remove coin lock.
  •  3/8″ hex key (T-handle) to remove bolt and open door.
  •  Head lock key to remove head lock.
  • 3/16″ hex key (T-handle) to remove bolt to take top off head.

    Non-Coin Machines

    Each unit comes with a head lock key and a 3/16th hex key to remove bolt to take off head.