Binocular vs Telescope Viewers

How do you decide between a binocular and a telescope viewer?

There are several considerations to think about.


A binocular has two eyepieces and a telescope has one eyepiece.

That means you need to close one eye when you use a telescope and sight down the scope with the other eye. Some people find that difficult.


We offer a higher magnification in our telescopes, 35X than in our binoculars, 20X. So if maximum magnification is the issue the 35X telescope has more.

Please see our magnification examples at HERE. But consider reading about “Field of View”.

Field of View

The constant rule of physics is: “the more you magnify the more you narrow the field of view” 

The field of view is measured by the width of field you see at 1000 yards out. At 35X magnification, you will see about 90 feet of field. With 20X magnification you will see 120 feet of field.

That can make quite a difference if you are trying to find an object out in the distance. So don’t assume the more magnification the better- it is not that simple.

Please see our magnification examples HERE.