We make the best viewers in the world.

We make the finest and most attractive non-coin and coin viewfinders (both binocular and telescope) in the world.

We receive numerous compliments from around the globe regarding our Scandinavian designs; the eye-catching appearance of our product is a major appeal for users. Our robust, heavy-duty products are built to sustain intense usage, extreme weather and to a great extent, vandalism and other forms of abuse.

Flexible viewing options.

We now make standard model non-coin and coin binoculars and telescopes in different magnifications, as well as wheelchair (ADA) models, and the popular Dual models with two heads on one post.

And recently we released a brand new model, the beautiful VistaViewer, a lighter viewfinder designed for the private residence or recreation property.

Tried and true design.

We built our first coin-operated viewfinder in 1991 and introduced non-coin models in 1998.

We have incorporated design improvements to our product line as a result of this wealth of experience in operating and selling viewfinders over the years.

A strong commitment to innovation is a core value of our company.

What Do You Call Our Viewing Machines?

Everyone calls a car a car or a bench a bench, but no one recognizes a common name for our viewing machines, and some people have no idea what to call them … We call them non-coin operated binoculars and non-coin operated telescopes, and coin-operated binoculars and coin-operated telescopes.

You may call them viewing scopes, tower scopes, observation binoculars, observation telescopes, observation viewers, tower binoculars, binoculars, scenic magnifiers, tower viewers, coin-operated viewers, coin-operated binoculars, revenue binoculars, coin-operated viewing telescopes, scenic viewers, scenic telescopes, spyglass viewers, coin-operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewing machines, non-coin operated viewers, coin-operated viewers, coin-operated viewfinders, optical rangers, optical sights, observation telescopes, revenue telescopes, non-coin telescopes, wheelchair viewers, wheelchair viewfinders, stationary binoculars, spyglasses, viewing stands, or stationary telescopes.

You will find the Hi-Spy Viewing Machines in outdoor or indoor locations, in public places or private homes. Hi-Spy Viewing Machines makes the best viewer, and our binoculars and telescopes attract the most customers.

U.S. - Based Sourcing

Do you require 
U.S. – based sourcing or a
U.S. – based supply of our viewers?

We can provide sales to you from our U.S. source.

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Binocular & Telescope Models

black and silver vista viewer

The Vista Viewer


Non-Coin Operated Viewers

Wheelchair accessible binoculars

Dual Viewers

Vista Viewer black and silver binoculars

Coin Operated Binoculars

Ada wheelchair accessible binocular viewers

Specialty & Wheelchair Accessible (ADA) Viewers

“Received scope on Tuesday. It is wonderful. Thank you again for all your help, it is great quality and a beautiful piece.”

– Purchaser in Missouri

Our viewers are currently in use in the Greek Islands!

“After servicing, our viewer works as it did 13 years ago! What a testament to the quality of this viewer.Your customer service and communication have been outstanding!”

– Rosie, California

Check out the view from Montenegro!

“A Vista Viewer (20X60) has been install in Riviere-du-Loup, Qc. by this town. This is a remarquable instrument that gives beautiful image of the north side of the St-Lawrence River, Thank for making such a quality instruments.”

– André

“Thank you for a wonderful Viewer! It works perfectly and the construction and materials are superb! A very pleasurable order and delivery process.”

– Scott, WI

“Thank you for providing me with such a fine quality machine at such an affordable price. Just goes to show you, when it comes to Quality Manufacturing you can still can’t beat North America!”

– Steve, California

“…the Scope is beautiful, it is really a work of art.”

– Eli, Maine

“The optics are excellent. The viewer is a real work of craftsmanship … very impressive to finally see one for the first time.”

– Claude

“Our viewer is excellent. As opposed to being a donation to the community’s waterfront, it’s turning out to be a nice little revenue generator.”

– British Columbia, Canada

New Binoculars Accept Credit Cards Payments & Tap

All the same great Hi-Spy features but now operating on a high-end brand credit card reader. No more coins to deal with. No coins to steal. Monies go into your account directly.
This is a plug-in-the-wall version only. For pricing email info@hispyviewing.com
Binoculars on rooftop

Are Auto-Focus or Manual Focus Binoculars Better?

Hi-Spy viewers only use manual focus. It is clearly the better choice. And for a very straightforward reason. Auto-focus binoculars use one less lens in the internal optics and substitute it, in...