Hi-Spy Viewing Machines … Enhancing Your View Since 1991

Hi Spy Viewing Machines … Enhancing Your View Since 1991

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Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Product Colours / Base Options

Hi-Spy responds to customer needs and provides various options to satisfy different requirements. Contact us for special requests and custom viewer orders by email.

Standard Color Options

Hi-Spy is pleased to offer a range of colour choices, each in our durable textured surface. Choose from Black, Green, Red, Blue, Sand and Moss Green. Specialty colours available on request.
HiSpy viewer colours HiSpy viewer colours 2   
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Nomenclaturespray test award
Hi-Spy viewing heads subjected to salt spray testing in 2009 performed excellently. After 1500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure the units met all ASTM D 610, ASTM D 714 and ASTM D 1654 standards.

Base Options

There are two base options for all models including the wheelchair accessible machines. The options are:
  1. Our Sandard Base is a contoured 28″ Steel Base with standing ring
  2. Flat Aluminium Baseplate (12″ diameter, but can be smaller diameter on request)
Note: Regardless of base options, all machines (except wheelchair ADA models) are made to be 5′ 0″ at the eyepieces