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Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Bill Acceptor Viewers Models


Hi-Spy Bill Acceptor Viewer available as a binocular or telescope

 Hi-Spy now makes bill-acceptor-operated binoculars and telescopes. They are identical to our coin-operated models except for the bill-acceptance mechanism and are battery-operated. The bill-acceptor can be configured to accept the currency of your choice. Upon ordering your bill-acceptor you must specify what currency you wish to accept. You are able to set the monetary denomination yourself using dip switches inside the bill-acceptor, enabling you to increase or decrease your viewing fees. Once you decide on a bill-acceptor model, you need to choose between 10X magnification and 20X magnification in a binocular and between 20X and 35X in a telescope. Magnification ratings are in comparison to the human eye. Therefore, 10X magnification brings the image 10X closer and 20X is 20X closer, etc. Please see our magnification examples to view the difference. There is always a trade-off: the lower the magnification, the smaller the image but the wider the field of view. For example, if you want to see all the sailboats, use 10X – if you want to see just the people on one boat, use a higher magnification. Click on the Model see more detailed specifications.  

Bill Acceptor Viewer Features




Bill Acceptance

Bill Acceptor 10X Binocular Viewer Binoculars 10x (Waterproof Optics) Electronic
Bill-Acceptor 20X Binocular Viewer Binoculars 20x (Waterproof Optics) Electronic
Bill-Acceptor 20X Telescope Viewer Telescope 20x (Waterproof Optics) Electronic
Bill-Acceptor 35X Telescope Viewer Telescope 35x (Waterproof Optics) Electronic

Bill Acceptor Option